Notation not correct...not sure why

This is the last 3 bars of Fugue #7 from Vol 1 of the WTC. My problem is in the last bar (bar 37). I can’t seem to get the two-part cadence notation in the middle voice to display correctly. I’ve shown the two-part structure in an extra bar 38 to demonstrate the problem in bar 37. I must be doing something wrong in my. note entry because I can’t get the two voices on 16th-note Db pitches to correctly be superimposed since they sound simultaneously. Playback is accurate but the notation looks wierd with five 16th notes. Any suggestions?

This Notation Option governs this:

If you want to override this on a case by case basis you can do so by setting the Voice Column Index for both notes to 0.

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Ah ha! Thank you so much. I figured it was something simple. I should have dug a bit deeper into the Notation Options dialogues/choices.