Notation of syncopated 2/4 time

I can’t find a setting to enforce the division eighth–half–quarter (quaver–crotchet–quaver) in a 2/4 bar. Dorico wants two tied eighth notes in place of the quarter. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
(Surely this must have been asked before, but I’ve had no success searching for it.)

I can enter your notation in 4/4 using “force durations”.

Can’t reproduce that here. Simple 2/4 beat (with default options set), entering 5a6a5a gives me a quaver-crotchet-quaver. Maybe try resetting to default options?

Specifically, in Notation Options, what are your settings under “Note Groupings/Syncopation”?

In Note Groupings > Syncopation the left-hand option is selected in every case. — Maybe relevant is that the score is a music-xml import from Sibelius. In Sibelius the rhythm is notated quaver–crotchet–quaver, i.e. as I want it, but it comes across in Dorico with tied quavers, and to make the middle note a crotchet I have to use force duration. Reset Appearance produces tied quavers again.

I have the same result as Pietzcker above. Could you please upload a short example that shows your problem? (The forum doesn’t accept .dorico files, you will need to compress your file to upload it.)

Sorry not to have replied—I had to put the project aside for another one. But on returning to it I found the problem: I just needed to reset the beaming.