Notation of tied notes a second apart with flags

In general Dorico is doing a brilliant job, when notating two voices in one system. There is just this special case, where I don’t like, what Dorico is doing by default:
If you look at the attached example, you can see, that Dorico shortens the beginning of the tie, when both voices are a second apart and also there are flags involved. Also, there is a lot of space added in the bar or especially over the barline.
I’m quite sure, that I am using Doricos default in this file.

Are there settings, I can change, to
a) always let the tie of voice 1 start directly behind the flag and
b) reduce the space added in the situations, where both notes are a second apart (in the bar or over the barline).
without changing the rest of the file drastically? (519 KB)

No, at the moment there aren’t any settings you could change that would allow the tie to start closer to the up-stem note when there’s a note one staff position below to the right. It’s something we’re aware of and will hopefully be able to improve in a future version.