Notation Option Bug

I’ve noticed a bug regarding the Notation Options. Under Notation Options – Note Grouping - Syncopation, I want to set Notation of short-long-short patterns to Notate as single notes and Notation of short-dotted long patterns: to Split at beat boundaries. If I make these changes (with the appropriate flow selected), click apply, save and close the project, next time I open the project, both options are changed.

This behaviour happens on newly created blank projects as well as existing projects. Has anyone else experienced this bug? Would anyone be willing to test this behaviour to see if it’s specific to my install?

Thanks for reporting this, Chuck. I can confirm that there’s a bug here: the file saving code is mistakenly swapping these values on save. We’ll fix this in the next update.

Thanks for the reply! Happy to hear this will be fixed. Can you give an estimate as to when to the next update will be released?

It will certainly be before the end of the year.