Notation options for specific rhythm

I can’t figure out the setting in Notation Options to make Dorico write the following rhythm like this by default:


Dorico splits the half note into two tied quarter notes. What am I missing?

Thank you

You’re not missing anything: at the moment, Dorico’s short-long-short syncopation detection only handles cases where the short notes are represented as single notes or rests. This is often discussed and something we would like to improve in future. For now, you should use Force Duration, as you probably already know.

Thank you for your very quick reply, Daniel.

This is definitely something I would like to see improved in Dorico 6, hopefully.

Dorico splits the half note into two tied eighth notes. What am I missing?

You mean eighth notes? a half is more than two eighths. you mean quarter notes?

I’m not sure if I miss something, but if I change the setting for “Notes starting after the start of the bar of multiple beats in duration”, I get your desired result.

Well, this is embarrassing… yes, I meant quarter notes. I have that option checked but it doesn’t work for me. Did you write the rhythm in full? Quarter-half note-eighth note-eighth note

No problem!
yes i did…

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Actually, the time signature in my project is cut time, that’s why it wasn’t working for me. Checking “Use common time note grouping for cut time signature” solves it. My brain definitely isn’t working well right now…

Thanks, Nukkul, for making me realize my mistake!