Notation Options - Note Grouping. Is it possible to master it?

Hi! I want to learn Note Grouping rules in Notation options. But it seams that description in program is not full. As a result I have a headache while learning it. Is there a video lesson or something else explaining the work of these rules? Thanks)

The rules for Note Grouping don’t cover every situation, and you may have to use Force Duration to get what you want. But what there is, is pretty well explained by the images and text.

The important thing to note is the categories: Time sigs with half-bars; without half-bars; simple, compound.


For example the first rule in a list:
It also works without the note before the tied/dotted one, but doesn’t work without the note after. And there is no such information in the description/picture.

There’s a separate rule for what happens in that situation where the note is followed by a rest.

If the scenario in your score isn’t the one shown in the image, keep looking through the dialog. The pictures are there for a reason.