Notation options - note grouping problem


I believe I’ve discovered at least one issue regarding the “Note grouping” section of notation options—specifically the last two options of the “Time signatures with half-bars” section. I’ll try to illustrate it below.

I absolutely love the little snippets of music that illustrate the notation options throughout the program. They make it very easy to look at a pair of examples and say “which of these looks more right to you?” and simply choose whichever is preferred. That being said, here is one instance where the result was counterintuitive. As you can see below, the note grouping in the music I entered into Dorico doesn’t change to reflect the option I’ve selected in the menu:

[All of this was music entered into a blank Dorico document, without using force duration. Dorico v1.2.0.37 on mac]

However, if I scroll up to the previous setting, I can make the change I have in mind:

Obviously, this is confusing because the illustrations that looked like they WOULD do the trick actually have no effect, and something that looks only slightly related is what actually solves the issue. I believe this problem is caused by labels that don’t match illustrations. “Notes starting in the middle of the beat ending at a beat boundary without crossing the half-bar” makes perfect sense, but the illustrations below DO cross the half-bar.

On a separate but related note, my actual preferred grouping for this situation looks like this:

I understand I can input these groupings using force duration, but of course this is tedious to do for more than a couple isolated cases. Is this option planned for a future update, and if not, can I request it?

Hopefully this is not old information, and if so I apologize. AND if I’m misunderstanding something, please let me know. Cheers,


I’ve not found it either… I would have thought some combination of these would do it:

‘Notes starting at the start of the bar or the half-bar of multiple beats in duration.’
‘Note starting after the start of the bar of multiple beats in duration.’
Also, ‘Notation of short-dotted long patterns.’

If it really is missing then It could be a third option for ‘Notes starting on a beat in the middle of the beat.’