Notation: Placement of accidentals

Which of these do you think is most correct;

(Dorico default)

(tuned in Engrave mode)?

For me, the 2nd seems more “logical”.

Is there a setting that handles these cases on a ‘general level’?

Authorities are pretty much united that accidentals start with the top one, then the lowest, then the next top, etc while moving out to the left.

Whatever the logical merits are, people will read most quickly what they are used to seeing.

(See our earlier conversation on exactly the same topic.)


As I recall that discussion was about octaves, which this is not, and it is two voices, not a chord.

You can find alternative ways of stacking accidentals in Engraving Options > Accidentals.

I could not find any setting that affects this case in the settings.

Possibly not that precise situation, no, I was just making sure you (or someone else reading this thread for related reasons) has a pointer to where you can find these sorts of options.

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At a glance I find them about equally readable. When I think another second, the first one seems more standard or common (unresearched opinion!). The first one looks a bit more German to me, and the second looks perhaps more French.

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I think the issue here is the note head on the left side of the lower stem. I think that if the notes were stacked in thirds or larger, the top accidental arrangement would be correct. But I think the presence of the bottom note head on the left side of the stem makes the 2nd option look better. IMO.

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