Notation Popovers out of screen

I’m waiting quietly to allow others write this, but no!
So, please follow this:

  1. Create new classic orchestral project.
  2. Zoom to view 5-7 staves and scroll down to see strings so woodwinds are hidden.
  3. Select barline and press any key combination that gives you Notation
    Popover, for example Shift+B (Bars and Barlines).

The popover brings up somewhere out of screen. It is opened over first staff (Flute) and it’s logical, because the top of selected bar is going through all staves. So how to access popover that is on top of score if view area shows only String section?

Of course I can select first note of the following bar in the visible area and call popover and it will be shown in the visible area. But if I need to modify barline, why I should select note? I will select barline and by pressing Shift+B I don’t have visible Bar&Barline popover.


FWIW, this is something that has already been reported, more than once :wink:


So I thought I was repeating myself. But to maintain the importance of the issue, I will have to repeat myself again and again. :slight_smile:

Maybe no one wrote down the reported problem before. Several updates have been released, but the problem still exist.

Tell me what are you doing in such situation? Do you select first note or rest to have called popovers in visible area? I think that if I need to change barline, I should select barline, not note or rest. Am I wrong?

Personally, I don’t think Dorico is doing anything illogical. The popover pops up above the object selected (this is consistent behaviour across the program). In your case the top of the barline object, which is off the screen.

And I think you would be even more upset if Dorico relocated you to the top of stave when you invoked the shift-B popover.

I think that’s a perfectly reasonable request to make – I’m sure my colleagues would agree too, but I suspect it’s one of those things that has hidden complexities, which would be why it hasn’t been done yet.

Thank you for the reminder and for including a bit of context about the context and your workflow, which is always useful to know.


I’m not denying it is inconvenient. I think it sits in the same category as the Figured bass popover obscuring the notes of the chord you are trying to figure.

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Illogical is only that something you call is appearing out of screen. Period!

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When the top system is out of view, placing the popover at the very top of the screen …

… or above the topmost complete visible staff seems much more preferable and logical to me.

The user is clearly asking Dorico to do something, so it shouldn’t make the user interrupt their workflow just to execute a command. (That said, I just generally type the popover command and keep working, but it is annoying when I have a typo and nothing happens.)


I also just type what I need although I might not see the popover, it will still work.
But it assume a level of familiarity right the popover syntax that not everyone has.

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I often do the same. But sometimes I hit keycommand that open popover and it is invisible (out of screen) and it’s hard to understand why everything is stopped, but Dorico is waiting for the input. So there are two serious obstacles.

Just to confirm that we recognise the problem here, and will do our best to address it in a future update.


Not a vertical issue, but there’s often a horizontal issue with MIDI Trigger Regions too. For example, if I want to trigger a Drum sample, I might select the first bar of the score, then scroll to bar 96, Shift-select it to select everything in between, activate the popover, and the popover appears 11 pages earlier! It would be great if there was some way to have the popover visible in this case as well.


Yes, we’re aware of that situation as well.