Notation Problem - Can you solve this challenge?

See attached screenshot from Dorico. In the first method, I can’t move the 8va over the prior notes because they are cross-staff notes that belong to the bottom staff. In the second method, I can as I’m using grace notes which belong to the top staff, but then I can’t move the treble cleff to the right position (in the middle of the group of grace notes).

Any idea on how to solve this Dorico notation challenge? Thanks in advance!

Deleted (unnecesary workaround) :unamused:

When you have crossed notes to another staff, you won’t be able to add an octave line to the staff that they’re crossed to by selecting the notes themselves, but if you show the caret on the staff on which you want the octave line to appear and create it, you’ll find it goes where you wanted it to.

Brilliant, thank you Daniel!