Notation problem changing tied note to dotted quarter note


I have just upgraded to Dorico 3.5 for Windows.

To be honest I haven’t used Dorico for a long time and I am sure the answer is right in front of me, but I can’t work out what to do.

I imported a very simple two voice guitar piece in 3/4.

Unfortunately one note was imported incorrectly.

Please see example.

Please give me a very simple explanation how to resolve the notation in the melody note.

Many thanks.

I trust you are all well and not being too negatively impacted with the COVID situation


With the note selected, press O (Force Duration), then 6, then period (for the dot).

There may be a setting for this in Notation Options as well, though I don’t recall… there are a bunch.

Thank you for your quick reply Dan.

Worked perfectly of course thanks to your expertise.

Best wishes to you and your family and keep up the great work composing and supporting the community.