Notation Question - anticipated notes before repeat?


This is a general question about notation convention that I have not seen answered anywhere. I’m scoring a pop tune in Dorico that has melodic notes (in the vocal melody) that precede the initial bar line. In other words, an 8th note tied over the bar to a 4th note. The problem is when I insert a repeat bar at the start of the verse section, the 2nd verse in the lyric is now missing the first note (which comes in before the repeat bar. What is the best solution for this?

I don’t want to add the pick up note at the end of the chorus section, because later on that will transition to a bridge

Also, on a related subject, does Dorico allow a tied note from the song proper over to a 2nd ending? It seems that it just plays the note twice rather than respecting the tie.


Devin Thomas

Is this what you are looking for? If I have misunderstood you, please say so.

Slice 1.png
I put the caret at the start of the piece and used SHIFT+B |: to produce the open repeat sign. At the end of the zipped Dorico file, I placed the caret one eighth short of the end, and used SHIFT+B :expressionless: to close the repeat an eighth short of the end of the measure. (513 KB)
Dorico playback does not (yet) support a note tied into a second ending from before the first ending, nor does it support a note tied from the first ending back to the start of the repeat.

Yes, I think that answers it! However the repeat actually comes much later after a verse and a chorus section has gone by. Doing it your way, I would have to make the chorus section repeat have one less eighth note, but then Dorico would pick it up again on the subsequent play through, right?

I’m still a little confused, but I will experiment some more!

Devin Thomas

P.S. I am so glad for this forum!

I’d have to see a picture of some sort (even without the music) to understand exactly what you are dealing with. One could add an extra 1/8 measure pickup and hide the time signature if you didn’t want to cut the chorus short. (515 KB)