Notation Question

HI There

Anyone know how I might notate this in Dorico?

Much appreciate any ideas!

  1. Invoke the note entry caret.
  2. Type 3 for demisemiquaver/32nd.
  3. ; for tuplet. Type 6:4 into the popover, then Enter.
  4. Play/type your sextuplets but don’t tie the last one over the barline.
  5. ; again to turn off tuplet entry.
  6. Put whatever the long note is over the barline.
  7. Select the lot, right-click, Notehead > Diamonds > whatever you want.
  8. Select the sextuplets by the beam, right click, Create Fanned Beam > Rallentando (Two Lines).
  9. Put the ties in place [if you’d done this at step 3 you would have had problems with the fanned beam]

Ricochet is probably a Playing Technique (shift-P popover); articulations are on the left panel in Write mode; you can hide the tuplet bracket from the bottom properties panel. Fermata can be entered at the correct location using the caret and Shift-H popover - type fer into the popover.

Does that cover it?

Yes thank you.
Wonderfully detailed, which I appreciate.

It was particularly the fanned beam that I couldn’t figure out.

FYI ‘ricochet’ is not a playing technique included. Perhaps in the future…

Nicholas, you know about the new playing technique editor?