notation question

its again one of those questions where im not even sure what the term would be that id be searching…so, i have a couple of midi files that i need to export graphically as .tif files.

problem is, you never really get what you see in the preview. in my particular case, the main problem is the…er…the lines…you know, those lines that would determine that, for example, if a note would sit on the first line, that would be a E, and if it would be between the first and second line, it would be an F and so on. its really embarassing, but i have no idea what the actual term for the lines would be.

so, these lines, on one of the tracks, theyre perfect, exactly the way you see them on screen in nuendos preview. on other tracks though, they look the same on the preview, but when i export a tif file of those, these “lines” are super super thin and almost invisible, making the score really difficult to read.

now, im sure thats just some setting where you can adjust the thickness of these lines (hooray for options! :wink:, but i have no idea where to look, and i will be honest, i didnt even try to search the manual for “lines”, the only (and very silly) term i could come up with.

so, anyone familiar with this? wheres the knob that i need to turn?

Sorry if I didn’t notice this before… obviously the score editor doesn’t get much love around here… :cry:

They’re called staff or system lines and yes you can modify their thickness by going to the Score Settings, Project Page and changing the Spacings options for:

  1. Line Width System Lines (the 5 staff lines)
  2. Line Width Leger Lines (additional short lines that indicate notes above and below the System lines)

The default is 0.46. Increase them and Apply the changes. If you’re in Page mode, you’ll see the changes immediately. I’m still on Nuendo 4, so I don’t know if this affects the normal score editor view (which also can’t be zoomed like the page mode… has this changed in Cubase 6/Nuendo 5?).