Notation symbols in tempo markings

I’m probably overlooking something obvious, but I’m having a problem creating a particular set of notation symbols in tempo markings—q = q.

If I write q = 132. I get the expected quarter note symbol = 132; but if I write q = q. in the same tempo popup, I get exactly that — “q = q.” The letters are not translated into the notation symbols the way they are if a number follows the “q” (or e, or h.)

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?


Tempo equivalent expressions such as q = dotted-q are not yet supported.


The only thing to add is that since Dorico 1.1 it’s possible to use Shift-Alt-X to create System Text. This may be useful here.

Thanks, Derrek.

And pianoleo, thanks as well—I hadn’t realized that. However, I don’t want it badly enough to do the font switching/cutting and pasting required.

I’ll just wait.

I’ll add my +1 for this to get added, whatever good that will do—I use metric modulations quite a bit, and having support in tempo text would be really awesome! –π