Notation vs playback lengths

Is there any way that Dorico really plays the notated note lengths, meaning it plays exactly what the notation shows? As a not-really-versed pianist, I’m happy to be able to adjust my recordings to match the corrected notation, and thus adjust the starting point and note lengths. So a function like “correct the played lengths to the notated lengths”. For me this function would also be very important when I have to export the files as midi and in the exported file there are suddenly very short rests and the notes are not really legato. It would be important that there is a “wysiwyg” solution here. I know that I can correct note lengths individually, but it would take hours to do this for a whole score. For me it would be a good solution if I could really delete the played lengths and Dorico would play only the notation. Sorry if this came up before, but I didn’t find a matching topic.

Yes, you can select everything, choose Play > Reset Playback Overrides, and Dorico will remove all of the timing and velocity nuances of the selected notes.

I have tried this several times, but the played lengths do not adapt to the notated lengths and also the start points are not corrected, meaning the rectangle, which is slightly colored (playback duration), should then be adapted to the dark line (the notation), as explained here (Played vs. notated note durations). But I can’t see any change in the played note lengths when I run this command (see the attached image). And also the playback and the midiexport function are not affected.

Sometimes the answer comes when asking. Because I no longer thought about the playback options. So if I want to have a very clean export, exactly corresponding to the note text, then of course I have to adjust the options. In addition, I can also leave legato and staccato in the notes and only set their playback to 100%, then I have a correct score and the exact, sounding image when exporting. Sorry Daniel for the question, but only your answer has triggered the right thinking process for me and now the whole thing is finally clear to me.