Notational brilliance

While entering someone’s composition into Dorico, I came across this little tidbit of notational brilliance I wanted to share. :wink:

Notational brilliance


The old saying goes, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” right? lol

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“Quavers, but make them fun.”


That’s the muscial version of academese.

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(As an aside, and not meaning to derail this thread: this is a perfect example of why I’ve argued on other threads here that engravers shouldn’t copy other editions as they were 1:1 just because “that’s how it was in the source score.” There is room for discretion and improvement in many cases. And sometimes composers mark things that are just flat out ‘wrong’ lol.)


I’d definitely move my elbows outwards while playing this.

But I’d agree with @Romanos401: although many pieces have been subjected to terrible ‘correction’ by editors (e.g. William Boyce’s perfection of Byrd and Tallis, getting rid of all those nasty false relations); as many pieces have had errors copied down through the ages with no thought, in the name of accuracy.


We’re discussing the horrible beam wedge, right? Boom, fixed it :grinning:

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@FredGUnn: Much easier to read. Thanks, Fred!
@Lillie_Harris: Or, “make your quavers quiver.”
@Romanos401: I agree and would certainly not accuse you of thread derailing. I’ve encountered this numerous times and fortunately my attempts to correct bad (or superfluous: like placing the word ‘staccato’ over a group of notes with staccato dots) notation have been accepted.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Just curious, did you get rid of the wedge manually or did your settings prevent it?

That was actually just with my default settings.

Arrggh! I’m still honing settings like stem length and beam angle, and I still haven’t been able to find any settings which work under all circumstances.

I’ve tweaked mine a lot, but if I open the DORICOverture (which was done in v1.0 I think) and enter those notes, the beaming looks correct. There are a lot of beaming and stem settings so it’s tough to guess which ones might be different, but there might be a few that are giving you different results here.

A little off-topic. How does one edit a previous post on this forum? I don’t see an icon for it and can’t find anything about it on the site. Thank you.

No pencil icon at the bottom of your posts? That would not be typical.

Thanks for responding, Derrek.

There’s a pencil at the bottom of my last post, but not the one at the top of the thread, where I made a typo that I want to correct. Maybe there is a time limitation and I waited too long?

You need a higher trust level to be able to edit your own posts after the first 5 minutes after posting them. To increase your trust level on the forum, spend more time here reading and responding to posts.

Thank you, Daniel. I suspected a general time limitation, but not trust level since I’ve read this forum almost every day for years, responded and contributed many times, and seemed to have become “trustworthy”. Maybe trust levels weren’t migrated over to the new forum format, and it’s a case of “what have you done lately”? If so, I’d better get crackin’.

Many of these limitations came with the switch to the Discourse platform not too long ago.

Thanks, Derrek. I see that I must be in Trust Level 0. I must not have spent as much time at this site recently as previously. But they said that I would have 24 hours to edit my post and Daniel said 5 minutes. In any case, it was 6 days later that I tried.

Do I also need to create a new account here or at Discourse to ever become trustworthy, or is my old one sufficient?

Sorry for rambling on with this, but I also am working on my trust level with this post. :slightly_smiling_face: