Notations panel section order

Will there, one day, be a way to change the open sections of the playing techniques panel?
At the moment, every time I open a file and then the panel, I have to close unwanted sections and open the one I want.
Only a small thing but it would be good if Dorico remembered my preferences, either generally or for a particular file.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking for: you want Dorico to remember which notations panel was open the last time you were working on the project, and restore it when you reopen it?

Yes - at the moment, every time I open a project and then the notations panel I have to close Common and Strings panels (which I very rarely use) and then open the Guitar one (which I use frequently - though I use the popover a lot too). I had thought Dorico might remember what was lat used or be able to set it up as a preference.
But it’s not a big deal!

It certainly doesn’t remember which sections within a panel are open, though of course it would be possible to add if we decide to do so. Something for a rainy day, perhaps…

sounds familiar :

Another vote for this. It seems a small thing, but over time this gets very annoying.

I agree with the OP that such things can become very tedious. But perhaps he can take comfort from the fact that rainy days are very common in the UK!


it would be nice if one could choose a favorite section