Note 0 moves to 12 on glue

  1. Make two midi parts on the same track.
  2. In the second part (the one later in time) make some notes on note 0.
  3. Glue the two parts together.

The notes made in step 2 are now on note 12.

Cubase 6.5.3
OSX 10.7.5

Are you certain that the note has actually changed? Cubase 6 has a “visual optimization” system in the Project window, on a “per part” basis, so it depends on the lowest and highest notes contained in the part… if the total range is, say one octave, then “C” will show at the bottom, while “B” in that same octave will show near the top. If you then glue that Part to another one whose existing range is, say, 7 octaves, then there will be hardly any visual difference between that “C” and the “B” in that same octave.
Unfortunately, because it is always calculated upwards from the from the “C”, if there was a lower note in the 2nd Part, that “C” will now appear to be “higher up” than before it was glued.

Let me just add that I absolutely hate this system! :wink: (and we can’t even switch it off!)