Note alignment and Chords.

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 4.12.19 PM.png
Can anybody tell me how to realign all of this?

Also is there a setting to keep chords from showing up on ALL staffs?

Thank you

You are trying to force too many notes into a system. That is messing with your note alignment.
Chords only show up on “rhythm instruments” (Piano, drums, etc.) by default.You should be able to turn off chords for any player by right-clicking (or the Mac equivalent) on the Player rectangle in Setup to get a pull-down menu.

The first measure looks a little odd, having so much space given to the dotted half. This doesn’t look like the automatic spacing Dorico normally does. I wonder if you have changed a bunch of the default settings.

You might want to create a fresh score and past those notes into the new score to see if the spacing looks a lot better.

I suspect the system is overfull. Switch to Engrave mode, note spacing. The percentage on the far right is probably around 108% or more (that’s a guess, admittedly).

You could try reducing Layout Options—Note Spacing to something like 3 1/2.

We don’t know what is on the other staves in the score, so we can’t tell it this is “odd” or normal.

We don’t even know what is on the rest of the staff from which this excerpt is taken.

Nonetheless, I don’t see why so much horizontal space is given to the dotted half. It shouldn’t matter what is on the other staves or the remainder of this staff. That’s too much space for the dotted half. Why would that happen (assuming the other notes have not been moved manually)?

Look underneath. You’re assuming that the top stave and the bottom stave aren’t part of the same system. They’re clearly the same system. There may be other staves above or underneath the screenshot that have smaller note values.

Some people engrave music that looks like this. The reason why the 16th note spacing is all over the place is obvious when you see what other instruments are playing.

OK. I got it. I was assuming the music consisted of a single grand staff. Bad assumption.