Note and Barline alignment

Hello everyone;

I need to align the repetition barline and the last whole note of this score attached to the message. If it’s possibil, automated system will be a huge help.
Any suggestions are welcome.

I didn’t find a simple automated way to align these staves and notes. Personally I would be happy, if Dorico somewhen implements magnetic auxiliary lines and rulers in engrave mode (like in Illustrator etc.)

If you are willing to share the actual Dorico file (rather than the picture), users of the forum might be able to come up with some solutions.

Also, have you seen this?:

This is the dorico file

For the repeat barlines, I’m not sure how to do this. These are all offset by the variations on key signatures. For the last note, I’ve attached some screenshots showing the basic way of doing this. (There are offsets as far as I can tell). I believe it will be a manual process, however. Anyone else care to chime in??

You need to have Guide Lines to make this easy. Dorico does not have guides, so you need to get a bit creative. You can use a text frame to provide perfectly horizontal and vertical guides. Then use the note spacing tool to nudge the barlines. See the attached file.

That being said, this is a level of detail usually not considered in music engraving. Each example is perfectly fine as is. I would save the time and effort.
Scale Maggiori with (598 KB)

Thank you so much to everyone; I think that this level of detail is important in extreme case. But a guides in the next update is a good idea if Daniel read this post.

I’d also really appreciate better alignment tools in Engrave mode—could be a grid, rulers, X/Y or whatever. It would be particularly useful when preparing stuff like teaching materials or music examples in academic literature. For example, to get the vertical alignments in this example I had to use a piece of cardboard in front of my screen… (and yes, they’re still a bit wonky!)

Oh don’t do that! There are programs where you can put rulers and guides on your screen digitally that are pixel perfect. There are a bunch in the Mac App Store and I assume it’s the same for windows.

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thanks Romanos! :grin: It would be nice to have them in Dorico natively though…

Don’t I know it too. Most important feature requests for Dorico 4 - #16 by Romanos