Note and rest grouping (Break Beams at beat boundaries)

Hello dear Dorico Forum

I have a problem with the grouping of notes. I imported an XML file from “Musescore” into Dorico.
Although I set the function “Break beams at beat boundaries” in the notation options, it presented me the notes with “Cross beats” in various places.

I have attached a screenshot.

Could someone possibly help me with this?

With kind regards and best thanks for your help.
Christian Bucher

Screenshot 2023-02-15 121352

  1. Did you uncheck the musicXML import options?

  2. It this score in 4/4 or cutc (2/2)?

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Thank you very much for your help.
I have set this as you suggested. Unfortunately, this does not bring any change.
The piece is written in 4/4.

Have you tried selecting the whole piece and doing Reset Beaming?

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Dear Daniel

a thousand thanks. This is the solution and worked perfectly.