Note Auditioning Bug


Dorico 4 has still an auditioning bug. I have
a) Pitch-before-duration and
b) specify accidentals before inputting note enabled.

To reproduce it:

  1. Start Note input and type e.g. “D” to let the shadow note appear at D.
  2. Select the # or b accidental
  3. Type in the rhythmic value, e.g. a quarter note [old/wrong note without accidental sounding]
  4. Alter the shadow note with Alt+UpArrow [wrong note sounding]
  5. Type in the rhythmic value [wrong note sounding]

Thanks for fixing!

And thanks for the change to popovers: They now stay open when the window get’s unfocused - a huge timesaver in some cases when working with a second monitor!

Best regards