Note (barline) spacing ineptitude (on my part!)

Afternoon all,

I’m trying to do something that I’m sure should be simple but is causing me a lot of issues:

I have the following:

I want to make the bar in the middle (the blank one) wider, and the bars either side less wide.

I’ve tried all sorts of combinations with the note spacing tool, selecting notes in either or both bars, selcting all or 1 of the barlines. Then I move things around and nothing reacts the way I assume it would. Also, if I use, say the handle on the right of the two barlines, move it to where I want, notes go exactly where I want them in the right of the 3 bars. Perfect! Until I try the same with the left hand side, which moves the bar line and notes in the RH bar…

Is there an easy way to do what I want, or is it just a case of trial and error until you end up with the right result…

If it makes a difference, the blank (PLAY 6) bar is created with % repeats that are then coloured transparent. (And ignore the placement of the PLAY 6 text, I wanted to get the bar the right size before putting it in place)



If you select the handle on the right, you should be able to Ctrl+Alt+Arrow to change the size, which will decrease the size of the other two bars proportionally. If everything remains proportional, hopefully you shouldn’t need further adjustments to the first or last bar. Gif below:



I’m sure I tried that!

Thanks for the reply and apologies for stupidity…


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