Note Bracketing for sketching Purposes/short score?

I’m currently trying out some Workflow improvements for myself and couldn’t find the prper way to create Sketches in Dorico.

So what it would be in essence is - A Grand staff (with more staves as needed above and/or below). Sketching in Harmonies and things on those staves, using voices to make some things clearer etc. Now I would look at that “Piano sketch” and sketch out Orchestration ideas, while keeping the short score form, see attached example.

I can do this in Engrave mode - even though very cumbersome using the lines, but the Galley view doesn’t respect the changes in the example. My question would be - did I oversee such a possibility where I could select e.g. the top three notes, “click” and have a bracket to name? Or is it possible to “bracket notes” (which results in bracket left and right, round or not), but segment them, so not the whole chord is in one bracket, but two? I hope I’m making sense :wink:

Thanks for your help
Screenshot 2020-11-07 170414.png

Welcome to the forum, LeadGuit. Your request does make sense, absolutely, but there’s at present no quick way to add a bracket to both sides of a chord with a name. It’s an interesting use case, though, which I will definitely think about as something we might be able to support more easily in future.

Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:
And thank you for considering the addition. I think it would be a great addition for short score composing and analysis/reduction.