Note c4 opens Cubase 11's "Save" dialog in Wind 10

This is so annoying. Every time I play the note c4 Cubase 11 opens up a Win 10 “Save” dialog, targeting the automatic backups folder. How to fix this? Is there really a function in C11 where MIDI notes can trigger file managing actions?

Oh, a little more info on this weird issue: This only happens when I play the c4 note from the keyboard of my Arturia KeyLab88MkII. Not when I play the same note on the Arturia’s pads or if I play it on my Ableton Push #1 (with track set to “Input: ALL”). When checking in Cubases’ Midi Monitor there is nothing fishy with c4 to be seen.

I work in Reaper for now, until I get this sorted out, but I want to get back into Cubase 11 asap because I’m finding some of the new Steinberg plugins very useful.

you should probably delete your entire post rather than just blanking out the text

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Yes, or better yet, tell the world how you fixed.

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This is entirely possible, if your keyboard has connected as a midi remote control in Studio Setup.

Check a few things maybe: Is your keyboard connected in any of the Mackie modes? If you connect your keyboard in one of the Mackie modes (and potentially some others), Cubase will interpret some midi note messages as commands.

Or maybe you have connected your keyboard via Generic Remote or Quick Controls? If yes, double check the configuration, if the note c4 has been accidentally set up as a triggering mechanism for a command.

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THanks, Nico5, good point! I will check this in a month when I get back to my studio setup. Traveling with a laptop setup at the moment.

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I have the same problem with C4 in Cubase 11. The above fixes don’t work. Thoughts?

Switch the input routing from “All MIDI Inputs” to your controller only for your VST tracks.

I have a Keylab 88 mk2 as well. NOT using the VST or Quick controls, though to avoid clashes with unintentionally controlling several parameters at once, except maybe CC#1 and C#11 on one fader for specific.orchestral instruments.

You might exclude your controller from “All MIDI Inputs” in Studio Setup so you don’t need to change the routing every time (though I think it remembers the last input for new tracks,. at least per session), depending on how you use MIDI might impede you. But could be worth a shot.


Make sure, you doct use your MIDI Device as an Input of Mackie Control or other Remote Device, please.

Thank you both! Martin, that WAS the problem. It’s working properly now.
I can’t believe I got such an instant response to this problem. VERY much appreciated!!! :slight_smile: