Note Changes Not Consistent

In Daniel’s YouTube tutorial #2, we are taught how to 1) highlight a group of quarter notes, 2) press the letter “I” key for “insert,” and then 3) choose the eight note to change the four quarter notes to for eight notes. The outcome of this instruction is not what I am experiencing.

My experience is that, when I do the above, I get four eighth notes, but they have eighth note rests in between. I then have to UNDO the input and then follow the above steps again, and THEN I get the four eighth notes together as described in Daniels YouTube video.

This problem described above is consistent and numerous attempts. Any ideas as to what might be going on?
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Please look at the panel on the left to confirm whether Insert mode is actually enabled when you do that operation (it’s the sixth button down on the very left).

Insert mode means, any changes to the duration of selected notes/rests will move notes that follow along rhythmically. If insert mode is off, then the position of all notes will remain, but the duration change will affect the notes selected. What you describe would fit exactly that. You changed the duration of several crotchets to be quavers. The rhythmic position of each sounding note would remain, so Dorico fills the gaps with rests.

Thank you, StefanF. By your bringing my attention to the INSERT MODE indicator, that helped. After taking your advice and assuring that the “I” was lit each time, the quarter notes turned to eighth notes precisely EVERY time I tried it, with no rests in between. My thinking on this is that, perhaps, the batteries in my keyboard are running low and the insert was not previously turned on consistently each time. I will get new batteries immediately. Thanks again!