Note Duration Change, snap notes together


This may be buried in Dorico settings somewhere and I’ve just missed it over the years: i want to change the duration of these notes from eighth to 32nd. Is there a way that I can change them all at once and they maintain their grouping with one another rather than their literal beat positioning? Like, have them snap to the left-most notes position, rather than keep the rhythmic position? It’s a bit time-consuming and tedious to have to either delete the selection and rewrite it out, or to drag each note over to fill in the space.


Turn on insert mode first by pressing I.

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Thank you! I see this solves that problem, but then creates another…

If I do this mid-flow, it shifts EVERYTHING after it back that value as well. How do I keep that from happening?

There is a way to set a “stop” location for the insert mode. I can’t remember since I never use it. Ctrl-Alt-I or something. If you search the manual, you should be able to find it.

Edit: Setting Insert mode stop positions

Great, thank you! Didn’t realize I wasn’t utilizing this tool before, now I know.

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