Note duration crossing barline


I’m transcribing a Renaissance work on Dorico (for fun), and I have set “Barlines between staves” in Notation Options. But throughout the piece, there are no prolongation ties on any note, wether they cross a barline or not, and I’d like to replicate that. I’ve searched through Engraving / Layout Options and found nothing to accomplish such a thing. Here’s a picture of what I would like, thank you!

Try inputting a tuplet with a ratio of 3:3 (not a typo), then setting its Spans Barline property. You’ll also find properties that allow you to hide both the Bracket and Number.


In this blog post the process is described in detail.


Thanks Piano Leo, it works very well!

And also to Alexander, very interesting!

Tuplets ratios like 2:2, 3:3, 4:4, even 32:32 (!), simple and straightfoward. Works fine also within a system break. Thanks a lot !

Would be nice to have this as an option to overrule the barlines. Musescore has this option. Any chance this might be there in a future update? For music until far into the 17th century very standard notation (with musical implications like not being a syncopation).
Musescore has a very easy option:

Display note values across measure boundaries

Yes, this is something we plan to implement in a future version. It unfortunately turns out to be more complicated than we initially thought, otherwise it would have been done by now, but it is something we intend to add at some point.