Note duration too long

I have an interesting problem I am trying to work out. I want the eighth note before the caesura and fermatas to stay in time, but the duration is somehow extended. Any thoughts?

Note Duration too long.dorico (976.8 KB)

Hi @Art51tra you have an override of the properties of caesura Gap duration that is set to 200% (!) This influences also the length of the note before the caesura in this case (not sure if this is the intended behaviour…. EDIT: this is due to the forced caesura on the second sixteenth, to be able put the fermata on the second eight: the caesura is in the middle of the eight note ! )

(1) Select the caesura and deactivate the override or set its value to the default 50% (or another desired value), and see if this gives you what you want.

(2) Or (leaving a bigger gap % as desired) you can correct the played duration of the eight notes in key editor with the played duration view active. (to have a reference of what is happening to the tempo because of the caesura, activate the Tempo editor on the lower left side of the key editor)

(3) Another very fast method is: suppress the playback for the caesura and write, with the pencil in the Tempo editor, a point at circa 10 BPM just after the end of the eight notes (being sure they are at the original position, eventually selecting them and menu Play/Reset Playback overrides to undo eventual previous draggings of the Played durations)

I think the 2nd solution is the right one. A quarter of the notated length feels about right. (I set the grid in the lower zone to 32nd notes for guidelines.)

This is the first time I am messing with the key editor. Is there a way to shorten the playback length of notes by an exact amount, or do we just have to eyeball it? And must they all be done one at a time?? How tedious. (What am I missing?)

I added a visual guide to my previous post to do all at once (point 2.) :wink:

Also it helps (for the dragging) if you set the grid lines to shorter values, in the tools of key editor (what you already referred to):

Thanks. It doesn’t make sense to me, and I don’t think I would ever have guessed, that the lock-view icon is the key to showing multiple instruments. And I have to scroll the tiny menu and click each checkbox to select them?

Still, the notes do not snap to a grid for played durations. Now that I got them all shortened, a 32nd note feels a bit too short. So now I have to go selecting all over again … Is there nowhere to edit durations digitally?

I tried with a dotted sixteenth 32nd (and leaving the gap duration at 200%) it works nicely. Yes eyeballing (don’t know it there is another method).
And the visualised instruments with the lock remains set, so you just need to drag a marquee selection for the desired notes (in played duration view) and drag them all at once (you can reduce the vertical zoom, so it is visually all nicely compact).

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(Just to clarify … I can select all the notes on that downbeat quickly on the score with ⌘⇧↓. But I had unlocked the key editor, and had to select the instruments to display again.)

I added (above in my post) a third method that doesn’t require the instrument filter. Is at point (3)

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The played durations of notes can be changed by setting the Playback end offset in the properties panel. This offset is measured in ticks, and Dorico uses 480 ticks per quarter note. For example, if you wanted two or more eighth notes to have the default played duration of staccato notes without the staccato dots, you could select the notes and set the Playback end offset to -120.


Never thought of that. Immediately opened a copy of my Dorico test document to try it out.
Thank you, @johnkprice .

Yesss!!! Didn’t thought about that. Thank you!

To see the result in parallel is possible to open a new window with the played durations visible.
And (because I am bad in maths :smiling_face:) I change the values with the arrows, and with command pressed (this increments/decrements the values by 10). For fine adjustments, then, without the command key pressed.

(I hope that the following gif can be enough clear on not so big displays):

CleanShot 2024-06-12 at 12.50.54

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Well, I got more than I was looking for and thank all of you for joining in with your knowledge.

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It took an hour and a half, but with my friend’s help, we got what I was looking for, both visually and decent playback. Somehow, it seems the caesura was the culprit and was affecting the length of that first eighth note. I usually have to jump through hoops whenever I put a caesura in the same bar as a fermata.

Worked it out.dorico (1.6 MB)

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