Note durations in playback options

I have a piece with slow quarter notes in the violins.
When I go to playback options > timing > note durations, the default (quarter) notes are set to ‘play as 95% of written duration’. I try to set the % to 105 to have a more legato sound like with slurs, but nothing happens.

Which library do you use? IIRC, NotePerformer has its own values…

I am using NotePerformer in this piece. Normally, I work in Cubase and use Dorico for notation only.
So, it is not possible to change the playback duration with NotePerformer?

To quote from the Noteperformer User Guide: "You should use the factory settings for note lengths when running NotePerformer in Dorico… Changing these settings may result in playback issues, such as gaps between legato notes or articulations not being identified correctly."

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Why is the change of % of duration not reflected in the ‘played note duration’ in the new key editor? If I switch eg. from natural to staccato, there is a visible difference.

To expand on @MarcLarcher 's point, NotePerformer’s Expression Map sets overrides for note lengths. As with the switches in the properties panel, the Font Styles and Paragraph Styles dialogs etc., when a blue switch is turned on the global setting (in this case in Playback Options > Timing) is being overridden.

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This is very interesting, Leo!
I will have to try it out later, but I am sure this solves my question.
Thank you all for replying!

Hi again,
I tried out what Leo says. If I go to Library > Expression maps > NotePerformer > Playback Options Overrides and I set the default notes duration higher, it is really visible in the key editor and audible too. But this seems to work only with newly imputed notes and NOT with notes of a MIDI imported file, is that right?

See Incorrect articulation - #2 by dspreadbury for instance.

You may be able to avoid this step in future by turning off the options to preserve note positions when importing midi.

I tried both solutions. They are both very helpful!
Daniels’ for the files I imported already and yours for future MIDI imports.
Thank you very much!

I’m sorry it says ‘solved by Guy Cuyvers’.
That was not my intention.

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