Note edits not immediately visible

I am using the trial version of Dorico on a mac with OS 10.12. and am getting some odd behaviours. I installed the programme yesterday and played with it for about an hour after which I noticed that when I tried to modifiy a note the modification was not happening on screen. I pressed the key several times, then tried pressing other rather random keys, but nothing happened. Then as soon as I scrolled the screen up or down, all of the changes appeared at once.

I closed the programme down and came back to it this morning. Again, everything is fine for about an hour then the same thing happens. For instance, if I try and delete a note I only see the deletion when I move the screen. Saving the piece, closing the project then re-opening seems to fix it.

Any ideas anyone?

My solution is to switch from Write to Engrave mode and back.

Thanks Nikola, I’ll try that next time. It’s good to see that someone else has this occasional issue and it’s not just me :slight_smile:

Is this something that only happens after you have played the score? If so then this is a bug that we’ve fixed for the next update.

I’m not sure Paul. As with any new software package I was trying a lot of fairly random stuff, just to see what happens. I will definitely have played the score (it’s a simple flute and piano), but I can’t remember any particular thing that set it off. Having said which, I’ve spent the last two to three hours inputting (and playing) the score and the problem hasn’t re-occurred again.