Note entry by pitch first, then length

Precisely. Re: Caps Lock in Finale.

Rob, the opposite is true for pitches or chords that repeat with different rhythms. With pitch first you can hold down a note or a chord on the piano with your left hand, keep it held down and enter any string of rhythms you want with your right hand. With duration first you have to type the duration, play the same note, type the next duration, play the same note, type the next duration, play the same note etc. etc. etc. With duration first, THIS particular scenario requires twice as many key presses.

Truthfully, I’d be fine with Dorico using Caps Lock for this as well but in reverse. I totally appreciate the concept and culture behind the rhythm first method, it does have its advantages after all, but for sure having the option for both would be ideal.

I don’t think anyone is advocating that one method of entry replace the other. Pitch-before-duration would simply be an option (as it is in Finale) alongside duration-before-pitch.

If it was easy to switch, I would use both.

Those are fighting words! lol.

Just kidding. It made me chuckle to read that though. :laughing:

You were absolutely right.
I am one of a rare switchers from Product A (version 1.5 and 2) to Product B because of this input method. This method is very intuitive for those who search notes or doodle on keyboard before deciding the notes and inputting.

I vividly remember that I talked a Product A representative at NAMM if Product A would implement this feature soon or not. He just said no, because it would be “too-much-like-Product-B.” I abandoned the Product A completely by this statement.

To many Product B users, the input method would be the key. Product B’s development was certainly slow recently, and to me it gets to the point that many tasks and display speed are too slow for those who regularly compose or orchestrate for larger ensembles. I hope to spend more time composing rather than spending on doing layout or fixing hairpin, notes and articulation collision and fixing strange or too-big-slurs.

I am willing to switch, if Dorico implements the method. :slight_smile: I hope Dorico does so very soon!

I’m sure it’s easier for everyone to use actual product names, unless one intends to say something libelous about them.
I would certainly welcome a pitch-before-duration option (as I have probably said multiple times before, so I apologize for repeating.)

Has Dorico 3 addressed this issue?


Then I have to pass… :confused: