Note Entry: Enter to Pattern and/or Fit to Pattern

<disclaimer I’m sorry I know there’s a million requests for features but check this out>

Something that frequently happens to me is I’m entering notes to a rhythmic pattern over and over, like this


So now this will continue in the same pattern. What would be truly handy would be if I could rhythmically lock onto this pattern, and then just play in notes that follow this. I imagine something like select some notes, like the ones above, then turn on “Input notes to pattern” which would lay out the notes one by one filling this pattern. This is simply a variation of the existing mechanism, except presently you’re locked to a single rhythmic value, not a pattern *

A variation would be something like the Word Format Painter, where you select some notes, then can apply that rhythmic pattern elsewhere. I imagine this could get chaotic however as Dorico tries to adjust everything. Maybe Dorico has this already.

  • Bonus feature: Have a ‘paste buffer’ feature, where you can collect a bunch off rhythmic snippets, then switch between them as you enter notes.

This would be brilliant, as the PITA in entering notes is not the values (which are had by a piano keyboard) but getting the fiddly rhythms right.

You can already press R to repeat a selection, and then use the “Lock to Duration” (L) option in Note entry to repitch the existing rhythms.


OK thanks, I’ve seen those features but never really wrapped my head around them. Yeah that’s perfect, big time saver …

It’s just as quick to select a previous snippet and alt-click it into a new place.

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