Note entry from midi keyboard

Can anyone tell me why, when I enter the notes from the keyboard on the staves of the Piano, the subdivision of the notes is correct while it is not for the Organ?

Can you provide a bit more information about what you’re doing? Are you recording in real-time, or using step-time input, or something else?

Step by step ,organ with pedal

Thanks for the additional information. Dorico has some special-case handling for inputting with the caret split across a grand staff instrument, but it’s quite strict about which instruments it will apply this to: at the moment, the instrument can have only two staves, so an organ with three staves won’t match the criteria Dorico is using. This is something we should change – thanks for bringing it to my attention.

In fact, using a template with a two-keyboard organ, it works fine. The problem is with the organ with two-keyboard and pedal. Thanks for your attention.

That’s right: as I wrote, an organ with three staves won’t work, but an organ with two staves will work just fine.