Note entry idea: option-note

I appreciate being able to use option-down/up to adjust pitches, but might I propose an enhancement:

Select note, hold option, then either play the pitch on a MIDI keyboard or type the letter name you want.

This would speed up workflow quite a bit, especially when working out a melody, or when entering a homophonic section of a choral piece!

Sorry, Tony, I’m afraid I don’t know what this is supposed to do: you mean that instead of hitting Return to show the caret, you would instead hold Option/Alt and at that point anything you played on your MIDI keyboard would change the pitch of the selected note to the pitch you played?

Sorry for the confusion! What I’m proposing affects editing the pitch of an entered note after the fact, as one can already do by selecting then typing opt-up/down. I’d like to select a note, then hold down option and press the letter name of the pitch I’m aiming for, or play that key on a keyboard. Much faster than repeatedly pressing an arrow key.

Is that clearer?

Which direction would the note change to your designated pitch if you typed a letter on the computer keyboard? Up or down? Obviously it would be clear if you were using a midi keyboard, but wouldn’t you need an additional modifier key for up/down alteration from the computer keyboard?

An excellent question. Irritating as it can be on the fly at times, my guess is that the logic which applies to note entry would also apply here, i.e., closest octave to previously entered pitch.

I like this idea. Quite often I just want to change one note, and enabling Lock to Duration just for that is cumbersome. I think this would speed me up!

So, the note doesn’t keep moving (up or down) as the Arrow key is held down.? It only moves the pitch one step (semitone) per press…?

It does, but it would be even faster to just play/type an A4 and get an A4, especially if the note’s currently a C#6!