Note Entry/Input

I know of one Notation programme that uses the first seven letters in each row on the QWERTY keyboard, moving left to right, to represent “C-D-E-F-G-A-B”. There is another one, that “requires” you to know how to type, to the extent, that you have to actually type in the actual letters that correspond to the pitches. I find the first system to be more intuitive.

The second programme allows a degree of “customisation” of the note entry process.

What is/will be Dorico’s approach?

Thank you!

Dorico does use the regular A for note A, B for note B, C for note C approach, but the keyboard shortcuts are customisable and it is possible to set things up such that A is note C, W is note C sharp, S is note D, E is note E flat, D is note E, and so on. Hopefully you will find Dorico sufficiently customisable to suit your preferences.

This adds yet another option! Nice!

Thank you! :smiley: