Note Entry Stays On

Sometimes when note entry is off, there is still a ghost notehead on my cursor and anywhere I click will get a note (see movie).

  1. Why does this happen? It seems trivial, but I sometimes leave unwanted notes somewhere in the score and don’t realize it until later.
  2. Related issue: I have to double-click on the staff to paste something I have copied, but that puts me into note entry mode, which is not always desirable.


I’ve tried to reproduce this in a new document:

  1. if no note value is selected, this doesn’t happen. If you select (or have selected) a note value, Dorico briefly enters Note Input mode before immediately exiting it (no caret shown). The ghost note remains and, if you click, it gets inserted. Press ESC or press the selected note value again to bail out.
  2. what is your procedure for copy-pasting? Why do you have to double click? I normally select + alt-click or select-copy + select-paste. No double-click.

I don’t know why you’re getting it when Note Entry is off, but you’re also getting the grid, too, which is relevant. However, if you keep this on,


then you’ll never get the floating notehead, and nothing of value is lost.

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Suppose I have copied a group of notes and want to paste into another measure starting at beat 2. The only way I can get the grid or caret, is to double-click in the measure, which puts me in note entry mode. I could just paste into the measure and then use Alt+arrow to move it to the right position, but there must be a way to paste directly onto the desired beat without going into note entry mode.

I can avoid note entry mode by highlighting the cursor icon, but I am usually going back and forth between note entry and pasting, so it would be good to avoid a lot of extra clicks.

I know this is very basic and I must be doing something wrong.

If I may, shift-N seems to be the Team’s preferred method for this.

When pasting with alt-Click, dorico pastes at the current mouse location, so you don’t need to enter note entry mode.

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You can also stay in note entry mode for copy pasting with the icon shown by @benwiggy highlighted.

Yes, Alt-click. I do this all the time. Adjust the rhythmic grid if necessary to help you click at the desired beat. Then you don’t even need the clipboard.