Note entry: too many beeps?

Is there any way to turn off all the beeps when selecting notation elements for note entry?

I select a note value, I get a beep;
I load a dot, I get a beep;
I load a sharp, I get a beep.

Then, when I actually enter the note, I get the beep I want!

When you write beep, you mean that Dorico plays the note ?
This is a known behaviour of version 1.0.10, it should quickly change, as far as I read in threads about that update.
I think we are many users to have turned the sound off, at least when inputing notes !

I want Dorico to play the note when I actually enter a note, but I don’t need or want it to play some random note when I’m selecting the various options before I actually enter a note.

It even plays a note when I select the rest button!

I believe they have slimmed down the beeps in 1.0.20. I find it quite therapeutic :wink: