Note entry using (Shift-Option) + note

When using (Shift-Options) + note [note above], Dorico places the note ABOVE PREVIOUSLY ENTERED NOTE. For example if I enter F then I want G (octave above normally placed note), using (Shift-Options + G) just gives me the same as the normal G entry (See Attachment below). In my opinion, it would be more practical that the function would enter the note ABOVE THE NEXT INTENDED NOTE. This would save a lot of time because you wouldn’t have to constantly use Octave up/down. The same holds true for (Control) + note [note below].
note entry.png

It seems it works only within an octave range. Your example is a ninth and it won’t work for me either. However it works with a seventh.


SHIFT-OPTION B does not work at all.

It does work perfectly for me. This issue must be keyboard-language dependant. I have a french keyboard.

Yes, I suspect it is indeed language-dependent. In English, and probably some other languages too, Shift+Alt+B does not work; this is a bug in the underlying Qt application framework that we have reported to their developers and hope they will fix soon.

I would like to get from f to g (like example 2 in my attachment) in 1 step without having to enter the g then using octave up (2 steps). I’m sure that the algorithm to accomplish this is not difficult. If, after enter (Shift-Option or Control) + g places the g in a NORMAL (without Shift-Option or Control + g) position, the g should be shifted and octave up or down. This would greatly improve the speed of note entry.

A MIDI keyboard would also speed things up if your music uses many such skips–and it already works.

Any Update on the Shift-Alt-B issue?

No, not yet. As previously stated, this is a bug in the underlying application framework, and the developers responsible have not yet investigated this issue to our knowledge.