Note Expression as Modulation Source

In the Modulation Matrix … the Source can be set to Note Expression. There are 8 Parameters available … 6 of which (NE3 to NE8) are assignable.

My questions are …

How do I assign those 6 parameters to a specific type of note expression? … AND … Is this only possible when Padshop is used in Cubase?



Select a destination for your modulation and it becomes available in the NE inspector tab. It will also then show on the modulation source label as having been assigned (in Padshop). Now, in the key editor you can edit the NE data and select among the NE parameters in the NEI tab.

If you are comfortable with MIDI, think of a NE parameter as just another MIDI message, e.g. CC, that is not hardcoded to a specific function and hopefully that will make it somewhat more familiar.