Note Expression assign to multiple tracks?

So I have a template built with all my orchestral libraries separated into folders by instruments, and then subfoldered by library name. If I go to one instrument and assign midi cc controllers on that instrument track, and save that input assignment, is there any way I can apply to a large group of tracks at one time? Or does it have to be loaded into every single track individually? Thanks for any help in advance.


Please, what exactly do you mean by:

Do you mean MIDI Input? Or MIDI CC lanes visible in the Key Editor? Or something different?

Note expression assignments in the inspector window… Sometimes different from VSTi to VSTi and customizable… But let’s say I have 30 violin articulations I have assigned to 30 instrument tracks, all from the same vendor (say, spitfire). Is there a way to set up expression assignments in the inspector window on one track, and then apply them to all 30 tracks? I know you can save the input assignments, but I just didn’t want to have to go to each track individually to apply them, I was hoping there was a way to do it to all 30 tracks at once.


Unfortunately this is not possible.