Note expression - beginners easy question!

Using Cubase 6.5 and EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus. How do I edit a particular note to decrescendo (ie fade out)? From what I’ve read I think using Halion Symphonic Orchestra you can manually write volume data in the controller lane, but can you do it with a non VST 3.5 sample library any other way?

The manual does describe a way to use note expression with VST instruments that don’t support it. There is a box you can check. In a nutshell, if the instrument is multitimbral, it can still send individual MIDI data for each note on separate MIDI channels to the instrument. I have never used it so I can’t say much more about it.

Basically, it sends “regular” MIDI CC, but you edit (and store) the data as if It was NE data.

I don’t even use the regular CC lane anymore (even for my hardware synths), it’s all NE data, simply because of the way that it is glued to the notes. There is no comparison, when it comes to moving notes (especially in larger arrangements) around and the data just follows and wherever I copy/move the notes, it plays exactly as it was recorded or entered. Huge timesaver, IMO.

Like jaslan pointed out, there is excellent coverage of this in the manual.