Note Expression for Prologue, Mystic, etc.?


the manual mentions that the new Note Expression feature works well with VST3 controllers as well.
However, the only “compatible” device for note expression is currently the HALion Sonic SE.

Unfortunately Steinberg VST 3 synths, like Prologue, Mystic are not listed here. It would be a great chance for Steinberg to make these (otherwise great) instrument much more popular than they are now to make them Note Expression compatible.

So when can we expect VST3 Note Expression support for the other VST3 products?


Some guy brought it up in another forum, but im hopeing The Grand 3 is goood to go with this Expression 2. and if not well i wonder how long it will take to kinda get this show on the road??? Its a great and very exciting progression (for me at least), but if theres no VST’s which actually make use of it, well i guess its kind of a nonfeature…

Im sure HALion sonic SE is great an all. But you know what 1 vst is not really gonna cut it for the majority of users. and with so much potential there,… well long to wait, is simply tooo long to wait…

yeah, applying Pichbend to a single Note of a chord of an accoustic grand VST is all what it takes for The Grand to replicate a real instrument…

Very good suggestion to integrate Note Expression into the Cubase Factory synths. I feel, that they are being underestimated, like Prologue, or kind of difficult to understand for many people, like Mystic.
Note Expression would definitely help to get them the recognition they deserve.
No hopes on Monologue or Embracer though, they are still VST 2. But the others would be great.

All the best.


Certainly, anyone has any information about, if the Halion Symphonic Orchestra 24 bit version will run in Halion Sonic SE and therefore, with Note Expression?

I’m with you on this Roger!
The Cubase synths are great!

LOL - good one!

was thinking more in terms of improved velocity control. But there you go.

Cubase 6 includes a trial version of the Halion Symphonic Orchestra newly made for HalionSonic. This version supports VST-Expression. If you are already an owner of the former versions of HSO you can use this VST-Sound Set right out of the box. It accepts your “old” license.

I actually think the idea from steinberg is to give something new to VST Instruments developers
something to make there Plugins in the VST3 Format
Because Face it … there are not a lot of VST3 Format instruments out there
And having the Note Expression 2 support might bring some interesting twists to how we work with some VST Instruments in the future
I hope that steinberg also updates there own plugins to support Note Expression 2
this also might inspire developers as well to make there Instruments support Note Expression 2

I have some Ideas of what is possible with Note Expression 2 supporting plugins
Most of those tricks are possible with VST2.4 as well but this requires Multiple Instances of the same plugin

Well, no chance to check this out for the moment, but thanks for the info. Hope it will be that easy.
All the best.


+1 for seeing Prologue, Mystic and Embracer getting Note Expression please…

C´mon, just one plugin supporting this? According to the Plugin-Information the base is already there…
Any offical comment on this? Maybe for Cubase 6.1?