Note expression has random scaling

Hi guys,

I bought Cubase 7.5 years ago and recent features got me interested in Cubase 10 again. I migrated to Bitwig.

Bitwig supports MPE fully.
Cubase 10 advertises MPE as well by using note expression.

If I want to alter a note’s pitch in Bitwig, i can draw lines and curves locking to the key roll perfectly. Meaning: I play a “C” and draw a line on the key roll 12 steps up to get a perfect octave.
Here is the question/catch about MPE in Cubase:
Cubase 7.5 on the other hand, has an awkward scaling of the note expression editor. I can’t make it snap to the key roll. It snaps to its own invisible grid without any reference. Is there a way to sync the piano roll scale with pitch note expression?
Vertical zoom doesn’t do the trick, because the gap doesn’t match a whole octave at any rate.

Have things improved in recent versions?

Thanks a lot!


The Note Expression Editor is the same as it was in Cubase 7.5.

I would recommend to download Cubase Pro 10 Trial and try it out.

Thanks for your reply!

I will continue to experiment with note expression.
Right now need to finish my exams, as soon as things are done, i will install the demo to make use if the 30 days fully.