NOTE Expression HELP

Hi there,
I am new when it comes to individual note expression. I am trying to edit CC11 for individual notes but unfortunately, I cannot draw anything. I only see one continuous line that can be moved down or up. I have already navigated the whole manual and everything is clear to me, but I am not able to change/draw an individual way of changing the chosen controller. In this case CC11-expression.
See the attachment, please.

Make sure you’re using the pencil tool - what is your ‘snap’ set to? Turn off snap when using the pencil tool.

Yes, I’m using a pencil tool. Yes snap is turned off ( if on I was using 1/128). All it is happening is the straight line going up or down. But nothing gets recorded.
Here is the link to the short video, showing what is happening.

I understand you are sure snap is off, but that video is behaving exactly like snap is on and the grid is larger than the note. See the attached gif.

Note Expression.gif
Perhaps you set snap off in the Project Window but left if on in the Editor Window?

I’m really trying hard…

I think it’s a bug -

I just loaded up Cubase for the first time after a boot to see if I could replicate what’s happening. I created a midi track and then created an event with the pencil tool - I drew in a note with the pencil tool and it was doing what yours is doing.

I then created an instrument track with an instance of PLAY and again the note expression seemed to be locked.

I played in a note instead using my controller keyboard, and at some point the note expression became unlocked. I started a new project to see if I could replicate it again and I couldn’t - I quit cubase and reloaded and I couldn’t replicate it again either.

I suggest as a work around you do something like, use the CC lanes instead of note expression and draw in some automation - use the convert to note expression command from the midi menu and I imagine that’ll unlock note expression for the rest of your session.