Note Expression hickups


Can someone explain me why we have no means to record the ‘note-off-velocity’ as a note expression parameter in Cubase? I can use it in the modulation matrix of Halion, eg, but no means to record it?
Also Why can we have pitch ranges of +24 -48 in our instruments, but only a NoteExp range (Tuning) of +/-12 ?! … So annoying :cry:


I can’t see a reason why should we use Note Off Velocity as Note Expression. This Value is always MIDI Note related and unique for every single Note and also one Value is needed only.

What is your use case for the Note Expression here?

As i’m working with MPE devices (Roli Seaboard in my case) I use the note off velocity value in my modulation matrix and, as with all MPE instruments, these messqges are polyphonic.
The polyphonic modulations work great, but not if I later want to edit the recorded performance to change the note off modulation for a specific note. The roli Seabord has 5 dimension of modulation and now I can only record 4 of them.

I hope i was a bit clear?