Note expression in Cubase 7


I’ve got a few questions regarding note expression inside of Cubase 7. I’m using it as modulation for lets say pitch bend effects and such. It’s really awsome to work this way.

BUT, there’s a few things that I’m abit bummered about:

when have drawn in the pitch bend using note expression, it gets stuck on that note value even on the next note. Is it possible to make it reset after each not? if so - how? (I mean so it goes back to 0 - in other words, no pitch bend).

Because I only want to apply it to one note.

Also, I’m wondering if you can enable so you can see it visually in the pianoroll like in this video: ?

The last thing I’m wondering about is what synths that can make use of this note expression. I read somewhere that all VSTS can do it?

looking forward to the replies alot! thanks :slight_smile:

Another thing that really bummers me is when I try to arrange things it’s not snapping to the grids in the project. IT’s snapping to much smaller values, eventhough I’ve changed the grid to lets say 1/2 or 1/4. What to do to fix this? I’ts really annoying when its just not getting in place where I want it to be.

Also when I’m trying to drag down a file from an audio track that ISN’T on the grid it always snaps out of the grid or to the grid.

Is it possible to hold down a key or something so it’s locked to that position it’s in right now and then just drag it down? that would be sooo easy and handy.


Snap is enabled for bars by default in the project page and beat for the editors.

this video might help:

The problem is that there is a difference between VST3 note expression and ordinary midi controllers. Both can be drawn onto notes.

If you want to understand how it works, and what its limitations are, read that chapter: p. 565.

I never really understood this whole vst3 vst2 thing… I guess I have to read up on that one.

What I was wondering about also is how to move audioregions to be LOCKED into that position it already is on. So I cant move it to the left and right when I’m just moving the clip down to a new audiotrack.

in the manual it says:

“Note also that you can restrict movement to be either horizontal or vertical only, by holding down [Ctrl]/[Command] while dragging”

But to me it doesn’t work when holding down Command and dragging it down? it does not lock into the position which is annoying.

I’m always needing to zoom in and adjust it… eventhough the snapfeature is on.