Note Expression in Cubase Artist 6.5

When key editor is open, there are only three tabs in the Inspector pannel : Quantize, transport and Length. Is it possible to add Note Expression tab in CA 6.5 ? -This is very neat tool but I cant find it on my CA 6.5

Also how can I find out what each of the CC 0-127 does? Sure it is obvious if it says Pitch bend or Sustain but the Controls with just numbers or an obscure name, what about those?

Can somebody help?
Apologies if this was already answered.
Many thanks.
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About CC commands:Try reading this. The author has a rather goofy sense of humor :slight_smile: but his guide is useful although a bit outdated too.

And more at

Thank you guys for your replies, I read your links which were very informative indeed.
If I understand these midi assignements and I would like to control cc91 reverb I should go to my software of korg nanoKey2 (which I am using) and program the “mod” button - default is cc1 so if I change it to cc91 will I be controlling reverb then by pressing that button ? Is that correct ?

But I would like to control reverb Mix amount, how do you program the CC to respond to this ?

When the CC says modulation, what sort of modulation is it : amount of mix, time, rate ? and what of ? is it chorus, flanger, phaser, lfo ?

Please can you clarify A/B/C/ points for me and be more specific if you can ?

Many thanks in advance

I have been getting somewhere after watching this tutorial about How to Map midi CC in Cubase:

great midi cc list :


Thanks for sharing