note expression is received as ParameterChange


i’ve developed ePlayer.vst3, a VST3 instrument.
I use

  • Nuendo 10
  • Mac OS10.15 Catalina
  • VST SDK 3.6.x
  • a modified juce5 library.

I have a little sequence in Nuendo with note expressions (see attachment)
My VST3 receives correctly note ons and offs and also reasonable noteIDs as i modified the juce5 libaries. I expect note expressions (modulation wheel) at *data.inputEvents:

tresult PLUGIN_API process (Vst::ProcessData& data) override

But instead, the note expressions are received at *data.inputParameterChanges (ie. as normal MIDI CC1).

Thank you Thomas

as long as I know, the JUCE library does not support VST Note Expression.
To get Note Expression working, you need your edit controller class to inherit from INoteExpressionController and return your supported note expressions.
If you have done this, the note expression name should be shown in the Cubase Note Expression List for your instrument.
Only then will you get note expression events in your process method.
In your screenshot you have MIDI CC 1 automated for a note. This will get you MIDI CC 1 parameter changes.

I hope this helps,